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Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PAL PS2 Full Indir

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1 Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PAL PS2 Full Indir Bir C.tesi Kas. 06, 2010 8:55 pm

By Kinq..!

Süper Moderatör
Süper Moderatör

Absolute control. The improved system of passes for 360 ° provides an unprecedented level of control over every transmission, kick, throw, and a canopy. This makes it possible to develop an attack in any direction and is absolutely free to manage it. As in real football, the user must carefully calibrate passes, to anticipate the maneuvers the team and to efficiently use their displacement. You can even actively put pressure your opponent and make him lose the ball.
Indicator of impact and endurance. In addition to the common scale of strength, the state of a player reflects an additional indicator of impact and endurance. Constant jerk negative impact on performance football and its impact on traffic, in particular the passing game will become weak and inaccurate. New defensive AI players Advocates are now literate and effective action in defense and not rush headlong into the selection. Confronting the attacker, they prefer to get close and make him make a mistake.

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